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Self Catering Holiday Accommodation:

When you choose to rent a self-catering holiday home, flat or cottage from Etnas Southern Tip you will find a self-contained property offering clean, comfortable, furnished accommodation for guests where you are provided with the means to prepare and cook your own meals.

Self-catering properties give you the freedom to live your day as you wish, and to enjoy a holiday program of your choice. You will find a wide variety of different styles of accommodation from one-bedroom flats to a luxury villa with 5 to 6 bedrooms. Bedding is included and some of the establishments even offer towels.

Etnas Southern Tip's experienced staff are available 24 hours per day to help solve all those unexpected emergencies.

Property Management:

The key to Etnas Southern Tip's success and longevity has been our commitment to providing personalized attention and advice to our property owners. We recognize that each property is a holiday home that sometimes has been in the family for generations. In the current economic conditions, a second home must be self-sustaining. We consider it a privilege that you, an owner, would entrust your home and investment with our company. In partnership with Etnas Southern Tip, you can be assured that your holiday home will be in your family for generations more.

Our sales and marketing efforts are unrivalled. With our 24-hour available instant booking software, you are able to see your property's availability in real time. The property's calendar is linked to various platforms (Etnas Southern Tip, Lekkeslaap, Travelground, Safarinow, Afristay and Air BnB) in the 'cloud'. Bookings from all platforms are instant and fly into the availability calendar. No other company offer this powerful and effective marketing outreach.

Our owners have high expectations for the maintenance and care of their houses and flats. Etnas Southern Tip has built up a network with service providers (electricians, plumbers, garden services and handymen) over the past 25 years. Our well-trained team of experienced quality checkers perform regular inspections to ensure your home remains in good repair. We are available around the clock to respond to guest's needs should they arise.

Our sub-contractor – Etnas Southern Tip Cleaning Services – knows that cleanliness is the first thing that our guests and owners notice when they arrive. They pride themselves in providing quality control to ensure that proper attention is given to the details.

If you would like to inquire about adding your property to the Etnas Southern Tip rental program, navigate to the "List your Establishment" page and complete the necessary information. Cornèl van der Westhuizen will be in contact with you soon.

Listing Agents For Other Properties:

Etnas Southern Tip also advertise other properties, managed by other agents in the Overberg region. Etnas have personally vetted these properties to make sure that they adhere to the high standards of accommodation offered by Etnas Southern Tip.

If you would like to inquire about listing your property on this web-site, navigate to the "List your Establishment" page and complete the necessary information. Cornel van der Westhuizen will be in contact with your soon.